April is a good month to get ahead of weeds in lawns and flower beds, but don’t break out the chemical weed killer – there are better ways to control weeds and fertilize without using chemical-laden products that are harmful to the environment, pets, and people.

First of all, if you haven’t cleaned out your perennial beds of left-over winter debris, do it now.  Take special care not to damage emerging shoots and then apply a balanced, natural fertilizer over the old mulch and top dress with fresh mulch.  The same goes for your lawn.  Clear sticks, leaves, and debris that mat grass and hamper growth and avoid the temptation to spread fast-acting weed n’ feed. Again, they are full of harmful chemicals.  Choose a natural product that won’t leach into and harm water tables or harm your pets.

At Native Design Landscaping, we use only eco-friendly products on lawns and gardens and, to enhance the biodiversity of our region, use only native and non-invasive plants. We use all-natural based fertilizers and plant foods with an I.P.M approach to reduce the use of pesticides helping to keep our water and air cleaner for us and future generations.

It is possible to enjoy a healthy, lush lawn and bountiful flower beds without using chemicals.  Feel free to contact us to learn more about how it can be done.