The Perfect Time to Plant Trees, Shrubs

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The only thing that can rival Spring in Southeastern PA is the Autumn.  It’s an absolutely beautiful time of year with the trees in full color.  Ever think about enhancing the beauty of your own property with a tree?  Believe it or not, the Fall is an ideal time. Many people believe that Fall [...]

End of Summer Doesn’t Mean the End of Lawn Care

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The end of Summer doesn’t mean the end of lawn care.  If fact, September could be the most important month because the cooler temperatures and occasional rain are ideal growing conditions for grass.  So, what you do now will give you a jump on a healthy lawn in the Spring. The first task this [...]

Consider Native Plants When Planting this May

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May, in my opinion, is the most beautiful month in our area.  The frost is gone, the weather is perfect, and everywhere we look we see the blooms and buds of Spring.  May is also the time to plant the annuals and perennials that will flower throughout the Summer and into the early Fall. [...]

Killing Weeds Doesn’t Have to Kill the Environment

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April is a good month to get ahead of weeds in lawns and flower beds, but don’t break out the chemical weed killer – there are better ways to control weeds and fertilize without using chemical-laden products that are harmful to the environment, pets, and people. First of all, if you haven’t cleaned out [...]

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